New Pastor Search is underway!

Session members have announced that the Pastor Search committee has submitted all needed information to begin their search for our new pastor.  After receiving approval from Presbytery, the committee will begin reviewing possible candidate's resumes and then continue by hearing selected candidates sermons.  Interviews will also be held.  This is an exciting time for the church!  Please pray for our committee as they search for our new pastor.

Women's Group Activities

Come Join US!

The Women's group recently assisted with yard work and beautification of the flower beds around the church.   Cut flowers are always welcome for the sanctuary!  The group will be meeting for dinner this month as announced!

Batavia Presbyterian Church

Men's Group Activities

Come Join US!

The Men's Group will be meeting the first Sunday of every month at 8:15 at the McDonald's on SR 32 and Bauer Rd.    Come join us!